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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chaos Commissars for Khorne: Your Living Ancestors Have a Dark Secret

Today the Commissars for the Hungry Ghosts make their appearance; Commissar Ob Dniepr on the left, Commissar Amur Yenesei on the right. As the Hungry Ghosts are Undead, of the Revenant Berzerker strain, the notion of Living Ancestors was philosophically challenging. But Christmas is coming up, and the urge to paint some Squats like Nazi Santas was overwhelming.

I decided to make these Commissars look very similar, in contrast to most of the army, since they will need to be noticeable in the field in their assigned squads. I also went with a starker color scheme of the Black-Red-Metal typical of Khorne, with white to indicate their age and authority. In Hungry Ghosts fluff, their red skin is a gift from Khorne for their long and glorious service, making them look more like His daemons. They also have Skull-headed ornaments attached to their right ears, just like those of famous ally-slayer Kharn the Betrayer. Exactly like them.

Here is a closer view at Cmsr Yenesei. Both Commissars were given Plasma Pistol, the version from the 40k 2nd edition Chaos Marines Close Combat Weapons sprue. The Plasma Pistols have been painted to contrast with the heads of the Squats: they are white at the top/back and red at the bottom/front. Both pistols have Space Wolf Tails attached as trophies (and to fill some of the negative space these minis have).

To emphasize his authority, Commissar Yenesei has a severed Squat hand laying at his feet, painted to blend with Yenesei's metal areas.

Both Living Ancestors were sculpted with large metal ring collars to indicate their high status. These were made bigger and spikier, in accordance with Khorne's commands. The thicker spiked ridge is from the 40K Ork Boyz sprue, while the more delicate one is from the Space Marine Commander sprue (with the middle part cut out).

To go along with all the other spikes and curved parts of this mini, the Commissars were given a symbol a wolf on their capes, from the WFB Knights of the White Wolf sprue. The Living Ancestor minis were not sculpted with interesting backs, so the Wolf Symbols and the Spiked Collars work well to add needed detail consistent with their Chaotic allegiance. These Hungry Ghosts with the Wolf symbols are also designed to cause Duran Duran to sap the opponent's valuable attentional resources.

Here is Commissar Dniepr from his left side. To distinguish him from Yenesei, Cmsr Dniepr's thin spikes are positioned above the head, more like a crown than a collar.

Commissar Dniepr also has his Wolf Tail at the trailing end of a chain, this time a metal bit, part of the Chains from the first version Dark Eldar Jetbike. Overall, the Commissars are accessorized to display their ferocious canine aspects.

This Commissar holds the Power Stick, so long thin cylindrical forms were needed for his accessories. Along with the chain, a broken piece of Imperial Tank was used to counterbalance the Power Stick; tilting forward on the right while the Stick tilts backward on the left. (Yenesei has a zig-zag appearance to match his Power Sword.)

It was fun to use such as stark color range with these fellows. And while GW's Dwarfs have never been known for their legs, these Commissars look like floating heads with their bulky beard covered bellies and giant collars, while their legs fade into the black landscape.

It's Fluff Season in Illinois!


  1. Is your name... Ursula?

  2. I love these old guys. I'm really hoping the rumers are true that The Squats as an army are making a comeback. I've just dusted off my old Squats army from back in the 1990's and I'd love some re-enforcements for them; and maybe a few bits of new wargear or Armour too. These pictures are a great inspiration