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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chaos Squats Astropath of Tzeentch

The Astropath position offered another opportunity to break from the Colors of Khorne. This time, Tzeentch has lent the ambassador to the Hungry Ghosts, High Astropath Arc Wendigo, Master of Obfuscation, Occultism, and Obscurity. While I've used a bit of an exaggerated comic book painting style with the Hungry Ghosts in general, I used the power of Tzeentch here to go further and break out the old funky purples, pinks, and yellows from the 1990s. Now our Astropath glows like he's constantly bathed in ultraviolet light.

This Squat Pirate suffers from the Giant Head Syndrome that plagues GW Dwarfs frequently, and comes with a giant, curved, what-the-hell-is-this-for, hooked cyberstaff. The only thing to do was to make the rest of him fit the mutations and equipment he arrived with.

First was to make his head More Giant by adding a set of Horns and Hair from the WFB Beastmen sprues, with greenstuff to fill in the gaps. Next, Wendigo recieved a second what-the- hell-is-it staff, jutting straight ahead in his right hand (the top half is from the Empire Wizards sprue, the bottom half is a Wood Elf bow, the arm is Zombie). The Wizard bit also provided more fire for a two-of-everything theme for the Astropath, with two candles and a two horned skull. The skull also provides a second head looking forward. But where the Eyes of the Astropath Glow with the Fires of the Warp, the skull offers only darkness.

To contrast with the glowing green and yellow Magick Flaymes on the Astropath's right staff, I added a some small brightly colored bits to give the appearance that his hook staff is drawing splashes of magic out of the ground. Similarly, the metal upper bits of the hook staff have been painted with a gold/bronze tone which is used on the bottom half of the candle staff. A similar non-metallic yellow/tan was used on Wendigo's extremities and his prominent gun. To keep the emphasis on Wendigo's interesting parts, the bulk of his body was painted black. It was a stupid looking puffy jumpsuit and it deserved to be hidden.

This Astropath's next attention grabbing mutation is his wings. The edges of the wings have been painted to match the glowing hair and magic flames, while I have attempted to paint the inner portions to look like they are refracting light and creating an iridescent shine. It's always interesting to attempt to make the solid appear less so. The wings are an old one-piece version from the Dark Elves Harpies.

By this point, the Astropath has become one of those conversions that fully utilize all of the space on the base. To fill out the front, Wendigo is joined by his familiar Minigo, a little Rat King from the Skaven Rat Ogres sprues. Minigo has been painted with the same color scheme as his master, and his small sharp body parts add to the many thin bright yellow/green elements already present. To balance that brightness a bit, and to add some complexity to the appearance of the base itself, I gave him red Magic Circle a bit in from the edge, to assist with his astropathing and stuff.

This Astropath is a character who will definitely stand out on the battlefield, but at the same time his shape is highly fragmented and complex. I think that's how Tzeentch would want it.

The Hungry Ghosts Miscalculate Their Missile's Radius of Effect!


  1. Love it! The last was great, but this guy is extra special. The concept, shapes, colours and style all work for me.

    Hope you're feeling much better now too.

  2. This guy really is special. What combination of intoxicants inspired him? Let's take a giant head (Zardoz!), give it Dr Zaius's facial hair, and add an Eldar Exodite's dinosaur-herding power-crook. Now put him in some puffy pajamas and soft-looking booties so no one takes him seriously.