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Squats in White Dwarf 1987-1992, Historia Squataticus Volume 1

Here is the first half of my overly detailed list of Squats / Space Dwarfs appearances in White Dwarf magazine for Warhammer 40,000 and Epic Space Marine 40,000.

Along the way, we'll pause for some White Dwarf wisdom and interesting flacts. Flacts. Is that going to fly as a contraction of "fluff" and "facts"? Only you can decide, bitchcakes.

Part 1: Rogue Trader 40K, the Disorganized Period. 1987-1989.

This my name for the early years of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. A time before detailed army lists, dominated by spurts of troopers with dozens of exotic weapons, and by the over-sharing of vehicles and heavy weapons.
White Dwarf 93 (September 1987)
p. 39: 2 Squat Warriors, Color Ill. (artist uncredited, from Rogue Trader)
"Players have the opportunity to command not only ordinary humans but the various abhuman morphs including squats, ogryns, beastmen and psykers." (p. 39)

p. 40: 3 Squat Warriors, B/W Ill. (artist uncredited, from Rogue Trader)

p. 72: 6 RT03 Space Dwarfs painted by John Blanche (?) ('Eavy Metal)
(Gunslinger, Gatt, Twelvebore, Stoner, Smith, and Wesson
White Dwarf 94 (October 1987)
p. 58: RT03 Space Dwarfs (Color Ad for all 20, designer/painter uncredited, 5 for £2.50) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rt03spacedwarfs.htm
White Dwarf 95 (November 1987)
p. 43: Irn Bonce the Squat in Color Ad for RT7 Mercenaries series (Naismith & Perrys, 5 for £2.50) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rt7mercenaries.htm
White Dwarf 96: none.
White Dwarf 97 (January 1988)
p. 58: Squat Warriors in Battle, B/W Ill. (Ian Miller)

Back Inside Cover: RT302 Space Dwarfs Command Group (Color Ad for 8 but 12 in series)
(designed by Michael & Alan Perry, Standard, Champion, & Officer for £2.50)
Back Inside Cover: RT303 Space Dwarf Heavy Weapons (Color Ad for all 6 in series)
(designed by Michael & Alan Perry, Gunner, Loader, & Commander for £2.50) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rt303spacedwarfheavies.htm
White Dwarf 98 (February 1988)
pp. 67-68: 8 Squats from RT03 and RT302 ('Eavy Metal, painted by Mike & Sid McVey)
"Again Blanchitsu refers us to the work of the guru, who estimates 'an evening, a day, and then some,' to work on a 28mm figure from start to finish." (John Blanche & Sean Masterson)

Back Inside Cover: Devastators Set includes Mole Mortar and 2 Squat Crew
(Color Ad, designed by Perrys, £9.99, also included SM Land Speeder and IG Tarantula) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rtb03devastators.htm
White Dwarf 99 (March 1988)
p. 7: RT601 Adventurers with Squat Miner and Engineer (Color Ad, Trish & Aly Morrison, Bob Naismith, Mark Copplestone, 5 for £2.50) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rt601adventurers.htm

p. 62-63: Rules for Mole Mortar, Chapter Approved (by Rick Priestly),
Painted Mole Mortar & Crew, and exploded illustration
White Dwarf 100 (April 1988)
p. 18: Iron Claw Squats Color Ad (all 32, designed by Bob Olley, 5 for £2.50) http://www.polycon.org/squats/unIDIronClaw.html
"Squat rebellions are not infrequent events. The oppressed masses have been incited by belligerent clan leaders and manipulated by scheming renegade Imperial Commanders. Criminal Squats are even found amongst the piratical and bandit armies of the less salubrious regions of Imperial Space" by Bob Olley?
White Dwarf 101 (May 1988)
p. 2: Thudd Gun with Operator, Color Ad with exploded illustration.(des. A&M Perry, £3.50) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rt304thuddgun.htm

p. 54-55: Thudd Gun rules & templates, Chapter Approved (by Priestly & Johnson).
White Dwarf 102 (June 1988)
p. 46: Blish Browning painted by Mike McVey ('Eavy Metal)

p. 71-80: Medics rules, art, painted examples (Index Astartes, by Priestly & Davis et al).
(des. Trish & Aly Morrison, Bob Naismith, Mark Copplestone, 3 for £2.50, 2 Squats Medics) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rt701medics.htm
White Dwarf 103 (July 1988)
p. 18: Squat Bikes in Color Ad & exploded illustration.
(designed by Michael & Alan Perry, 4 Single-piece Riders & Single-seat Cycles, £2.50 each) http://www.solegends.com/citrt/rt305squatbikes.htm
White Dwarf 104 (August 1988)
p.8-9: 40K Bike rules with B/W ill. of Squat Trike
White Dwarf 105: none.
White Dwarf 106 (October 1988)
p. 70-71: Vikras Ingram & Gunner Karl with Heavy Plasma Gun ('Eavy Metal)
White Dwarf 107 (November 1988)
p. 7: David Gallagher, Squats & Imperials vs Orks painting (Illuminations)
White Dwarf 108 (December 1988)
p. 71: Iron Claw Squat Warriors (Color Ad for all 28, by Bob Olley, 5 for £2.50) http://www.polycon.org/squats/unID1988squats.html
White Dwarf 109: none.
White Dwarf 110 (February 1989)
p. 62: Squat Thudd Gun against Phantom Titan, B/W ill.

Part 2: Rogue Trader 40K Squats Army List, 1989.
Spring of 1989 saw the release of the first Squat Army List, as well as the expansion of the miniatures line with Space Dwarfs plastics box and hybrid metal-body/plastic-arm Squats. The variety of Squat troop types expanded, but the exotic weapons were exchanged for standard Imperial issue weaponry. Aside from their Bikes and Trikes, the Squats would continue to share the vehicles of the Imperium as well.
Most of the new models were released during 1989. After that, the Squats appeared briefly in the numerous revisions to the vehicle rules that plagued Rogue Trader, and the occasional 'Eavy Metal picture.

White Dwarf 111 (March 1989) Cover uses art from the Space Dwarfs box
Front Inside Cover: Space Dwarfs box Color Ad, shows bits and assembled minis (£9.99, $22.95)
p. 27-50: 40K Squats Army List, for Homeworld, Imperial, or Chaos Squats (by Ansell, Stillman, & Davis). Includes fluff, stats, color & b/w illustrations, painted minis. Squats could use Imperial Robots, Rhinos, and Land Raiders in this first army list. Includes-
p. 39: painted Biker, Guardsmen/Warriors, Guild Master, Wounded Squats (plastic arms series)
p. 43: painted plastic Space Dwarfs fighting along Imperial Guard
p. 47: painted Squat Servitor
p. 50: B/W Catalog Page for Warlord & Hearthguard, Living Ancestors, Bikers, Guards/Warriors, Wounded (plastic arms), Adeptus Mechanicus & Exo-Armor 3 http://www.polycon.org/squats/part2Hearthguard.html

"(T)here are many strongholds and Brotherhoods who have sided with Chaos. During the wars of the Horus Heresy, Squat forces fought on both sides, and inevitably some fell prey to the corruption of Chaos. Like other followers of Horus, these have now largely been banished to the Eye of Terror, but there are always rumours of isolated groups of Chaos Squat raiders in varioys parts of the Imperium.

It has even been rumoured that some of the strongholds which were lost to the warpstorms in the Age of Isolation may have survived, their horribly-mutated inhabitants raiding into the Imperium from time to time." (p. 30)

p. 75: plastic Squats with Lasgun & Hvy Bolter ('Eavy Metal)

Back Cover: 40K Squats and Marines battle Orks, diorama by Mike McVey
White Dwarf 112 (April 1989)
p. 7: Squat Trikes with Biker 1 and 5 and Heavy Trikes with Warlord & Living Ancestor Sidecar and Guildmaster with Standing Biker 3 in Color Ad

p. 21: B/W Catalog Page for all Squat Bikers, Bike and Trike parts (Alan & Michael Perry), with exploded illustration (£2.99 each for 1 Trike, 1 Bike, with Rider) http://www.polycon.org/squats/images/p56.jpg

p. 75: Warlord, Living Ancestor w/ Sword, 5 Hearthguards (painted by Rich Hodgkins). Also Ancestor with Staff, 2 versions of Tech Priest, and Exo-Armor 3 ('Eavy Metal)
White Dwarf 113 (May 1989)
p. 3-4: Volksheim Brotherhood B/W ill. by Paul Bonner

p. 10: 3 Chaos Squats in Power Armor, Chaos Squat with Horns ('Eavy Metal)

p. 41, 48: Vikas Ingram and Colt Stoner in How to Paint Citadel Miniatures guide

p. 77: B/W Catalog Page for Squat Adventurers (6) and Chaos Squats (8) (both 6 for £2.99)
Back Cover: Iron Claw Squats and Mole Mortar join IG to battle Harlequins
White Dwarf 114 (June 1989)
p. 52: Adventurer 2 and 3 ('Eavy Metal)
White Dwarf 115 (July 1989)
p. 26-27: Adventurer 5, Chaos Exo-Armor 1 ('Eavy Metal)

p. 49: Exo-Armor 3 & Living Ancestor w/ Sword (by Dale Hurst, 'Eavy Metal)

p. 74: Living Ancestor & Warlord in Genestealer Caverns, B/W ill. with brief story

p. 80: B/W Catalog Page for Chaos Squats in Exo-Armor (£ 2.99 for 3)
Part 3: Squats Get Smaller for Epic Space Marine, 1989-1990.
In the 6mm scene, the Epic Marines and Guard would develop their non-Titan forces, producing a number of vehicles that would be shared with Squats, especially the Tunneling Trooper Transports. Unfortunately, the Squats did not receive their Infantry Sprue until the summer of 1990, making stunty-lovers wait anxiously for some Hearthguard to fill their Hellbores.
White Dwarf 116 (August 1989)
p. 10-19: Rules for Tunneling Vehicles including Mole and Termite, and for Light Vehicles Rapier, Tarantula, Mole Mortar, Thudd Gun. Lots of B/W art.

p. 78: B/W Catalog Page for Epic Artillery (Thudd Gun, Tarantula, Mole Mortar, Rapier v1, Land Speeder, Jet Bike) (designed by Mark Copplestone, 2 of each for £2.99)
White Dwarf 117: none.
White Dwarf 118 (October 1989)
p. 66: B/W Catalog Pages for 2 Squat Medics (packed with 2 Imperial Guard Medics) http://www.solegends.com/citcat89autumn/c89aut-072117-3-02.htm
p. 67: B/W Catalog Pages for Squat Servitor (packed with Adeptus with Axe and 2 Human Servitors), Squat Adeptus Mechanicus (packed with 2 Human Adepti, probably £2.99 per pack) http://www.solegends.com/citcat89autumn/c89aut-072117-4-02.htm
White Dwarf 119 (November 1989)
p. 78: B/W Catalog Page for Epic Artillery (Thudd Gun, Tarantula, Mole Mortar, Rapier v1, Land Speeder, Jet Bike, 2 of each for £2.99), Mole (£2.99), and Termite (3 for £2.99) (designed by Mark Copplestone) http://www.solegends.com/citcat89winter/cat89wint023x-02.htm
White Dwarf 120 (December 1989)
p. 5: B/W picture of assembled Hellbore (designed by Goodwin, Copplestone, Naismith, & Dixon)

p.9: Rules for Hellbore with B/W art

p. 42: Epic Mole and Termite (designed by Mark Copplestone, 'Eavy Metal)
White Dwarf 121 (January 1990)
p. 58: Hellebore ('Eavy Metal)

p. 78-80: B/W Catalog Pages Epic Artillery pieces now randomly put 1 per pack with Vehicles & Titans
White Dwarf 122 (February 1990)
p. 79-80: B/W Catalog Pages for Hellbore Heavy Mole (£7.99), Mole (£2.99), Termites (3 for £2.99) (1 Epic Artillery piece randomly put in each blister pack with Vehicles & Titans) http://www.polycon.org/squats/unIDWD113.html (Hellbore)
White Dwarf 123 (March 1990)
p. 21-28: Epic War Machine rules (by Karl Tebbutt and Roger Gerrish). Includes Termite, Mole, Hellbore with B/W ill.

p. 74-75: B/W Catalog Pages for Mole (£2.99), Termites (3 for £2.99) (1 Epic Artillery piece randomly put in each blister pack with Vehicles & Titans)

Back Cover: Imperial Army with Hellbore advancing against Word Bearers
White Dwarf 124-126: none.
White Dwarf 127 (July 1990)
p. 56-71: Epic Army List for Squats by Andy Chambers, stats & counters, no pictures of minis

p. 76: Epic Squat Warriors box released (B/W Ad for large version, £7.99, $16.95)
Part 4: Squats Won't Shout While You Fiddle About, 1990-1992.

After both the 40K and Epic Squats Army Lists and accompanying miniature releases, our Space Dwarfs appeared only sporadically in the pages of White Dwarf, in rules updates and the pages of 'Eavy Metal.

It is also likely that the not-cataloged 10 Squat Pirates were released in this period, see WD 140.

White Dwarf 128 (August 1990)
p. 22-35: 40K New Vehicle Rules by Rick Priestly including Squat Bikes & Trikes
White Dwarf 129 (September 1990)
Front Cover: Imperials including Squats battling Genestealers

p. 69: Nurgle Squat Power Armor w/Horns, Tzeentch Squat Power Armor w/Sword ('Eavy Metal)
White Dwarf 130 (October 1990)
p. 10-25: Confrontation: Necromunda Origins. The Palatine Hive is reported to have a special spire set aside for Xenos traders, including separate levels for Squats and Eldar.
p. 45: Warhammer 40K League Stats for Squat Combat Squads, B/W ill. of 3 Squats by Paul Bonner

p. 48-51: New rules for Hellbore by Andy Chambers
White Dwarf 131 (November 1990)
p. 14-30: Epic Chaos Hordes by Andy Chambers, including Chaos Squats & Squat Artillery
"Chaos Squats are armourers and artificers of the armies of Chaos. With devilish cunning they construct weapons and engines of war which defy sanity. Each new creation is magnificently built to evoke the correct aura of terror and majesty. It is thought that the Chaos Squats are responsible for the maintenance and reconstruction of Chaos Titans and the fearsome Artifact Weapons of Chaos. Chaos Squats fight with unparalleled ferocity on the field of battle, favouring heavy firepower to slaughter their foes." p. 22
"As terminators are killed in action, their armour is retrieved and repaired by Chaos Squats" p. 22
White Dwarf 132-134: none.
White Dwarf 135 (March 1991)
p. 50-51: 40K New Vehicle Points Values (by Nigel Stillman) includes Squat Trike and Bonner B/W ill. with heavy trike and biker
White Dwarf 136 (April 1991)
p. 75: B/W Catalog Page for Mole, Termite
White Dwarf 137-139: none.
White Dwarf 140 ( August 1991)
p. 31: Golden Demon: Squat Command by David Knowles (4 converted Pirates w/ SM Flight Packs) http://www.polycon.org/squats/unIDPirates.html
p. 61: "The technical achievements of ... isolated human civilizations, such as the Squats, are of almost enough interest to the Adeptus Mechanicus as rumours concerning the STC." (Space Fleet article)
White Dwarf 141 ( September 1991)
p. 6-7: Epic preview reports Norman Swales is working on Squats Land Trains and more.
White Dwarf 142: none.
White Dwarf 143 (November 1991)
p. 12-20: Epic rules for Chaos Androids and Mole Mortars from Stompers set (Rick Priestly)
The Chaos Android is a shining skeleton of hardened plasteel. Its cunning construction is a secret known only to certain tainted Squat fabricators working in league with Chaos Renegades (p. 13).

Back Inside Cover: Epic Stompers box with Mole Mortar Color Ad (new release, £9.99)
White Dwarf 144 (December 1991)
p. 16: Hellbore shown in action against Marines

p. 27-35: Epic Vehicle Rules for Hellbore, Mole, Termite, & Leviathan rules (Johnson, Priestly, Chambers). Painted models in Necromunda colors shown on p. 35 in 'Eavy Metal.
"The Hellbore is so huge that it is almost unstoppable in close combat, grinding infantry and lighter vehicles into the ground as it advances!" (p. 27)
" This awesome vehicle [the Leviathan] is made by Squats and supplied to the Imperial Guard as part of the mutual exchange of materials between the Squat Homeworlds and the Imperium." (p. 30)

p. 73: Epic Stompers box with Mole Mortar Color Ad

p. 76, 78: B/W Catalog pages for Leviathan (new release, £5.99) and Hellbore (£11.99) http://www.solegends.com/citcat9x3/c92414epicimpwarmachines-02.htm
White Dwarf 145 (January 1992)
Back inside Cover: Epic Attack Force (£14.99), War Horde (£12.99), and Battle Group (£14.99) sets Color Ad. War Horde contains Squats sprues and Mole Mortars from Stompers, Battle Group has Chaos Squats. (New releases)
White Dwarf 146: none.
White Dwarf 147 (March 1992)
p. 78 B/W Catalog Page for Leviathan (£5.99)
White Dwarf 148: none.
White Dwarf 149 (May 1992)
p. 32-40: 40K New Vehicle Rules for Bikes, Trikes and War Walkers rules by Andy Chambers.
Includes painted pictures of Squat Motorcycle Mark 2 w/ Biker 4, Cycle Mark 1 w/ Biker 6, Heavy Trike w/ Biker 2 and Standing Biker 4, B/W Illustrations of Squat Bikers

p. 78-79: B/W Catalog Pages reprinting p. 54-55 in Blue Catalog