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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Space Dwarfs Beyond the Galactic Fringes: Velard Miniatures

It has been a few months since our last visit to the OTC branches of the Space Dwarf galaxy. Today we take a quick look at a series of 5 Space Dwarf Infantry Troopers produced by Velard Miniatures in Moscow, Russia, primping coyly behind the blast walls. Since I can't find Velard on the internet, I am guessing that these fellows are out of production now. I got them in 2007 or so, 30USD including postage.

Here is our first trooper. As we can see, the Velards feature the pads-and-pouches design common to the crappy armor of the science-fiction infantry trooper. The more realistic body proportions of these miniatures are made more interesting by the honking huge gun.

Trooper 1 from behind, no surprises here.

Trooper 2, scutting across the battlefield, weighted down by his BAG.

From the rear, he is equipped just about the same as the first trooper.

When was the last time you saw a Dwarf run? Weird, isn't it?

Now we'll see who keeps the Golden Snitch!

Shooty Trooper, gun now more plausibly sized.

Shooty from the back.

After 4 smooth, mannequin-like troopers, we get this Sergeant. He looks like he's been sculpted from an Ork's description of a Dwarf. He also came with a tiny grenade that fit into his tiny left hand, but I can't find it.

His right arm is a separate bit.

There you go. Some nice but bland clone-trooper infantry led by the creature from the back of the boiler room.


  1. I like them plenty. They match the old Squat infantry very well and have some real dynamism, as if from a parallel universe in which the Squats were updated in the mid 90s on the pattern of the original metal Catachans.

  2. I do beleive the sergeant is my favorite. I do enjoy and agree with your description though... a squat as described by an ork... awesome.

  3. I like them too, perhaps I sounded too harsh. But I was working on some funky Chaos Dwarf conversions, so that probably enhanced my awareness of their similarities. But, yes, I am happy to have them.

    But I still think that the Sergeant is a very strange figure who clashes with the others.

    It's also a bit weird to have a group of Dwarfs with some near-identical beards. It would have been easy to add some details, especially if you're only doing a few versions. Unless you want clones, which is ok with me too; I've vacationed in Alpha Complex.

  4. I picked these up on eBay recently, but yours appear to be metal, mine are resin. I think they are some of the nicest space dwarfs around, and I'm really enjoying painting them. I also got two extra figures, with a meltgun and a plasma rifle.

    I agree the sergeant is an odd fit, but I don't think he looks out of place. He strikes me as an old, dogged fighter who has eaten a few more pies and is trying to whip the young rookies into shape.