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Monday, January 20, 2014

Bits Bits Bits and the Skagerrak Skallen Fangsters Jet Pack Squadron

When we last saw the Legioss Moriad XIV experimental flight squadron, the Skagerrak Skallen Fangsters, it seemed that our evil little friends from Denmark just needed some weapons and right hands to be ready for (unpainted) action.

Well, Hungry Ghosts did that, and it took a very long time. This led to an investigation of why it took a very long time. Herewith, let us go and make our visit.

  There they are, my little Khornicons.

First, the insidious intent: Overkill. Weaponry that would never be considered acceptable in a 40K game by reasonable people.

 This led first to Chaos Squats Plastic Bits Box 1. Here, the guns bin in the upper right was plundered for all those new Space Marines Plasma Pistols, Inferno Pistols, Hand Flamers; whatever was explosive enough but not too ridiculous when being held in one hand while flying.

Then the long row of hand weapons was rummaged through for pointy hacking type things. Also, the Bolt Pistols from the weapons bins to use along with the pointy bits.

But with those hundreds bits, there could be no chance that our Flying Squats would go without decorative skulls or swanky spikes. Or that guns would go unmodified. So the rest of our plastic bits were inspected for potential use.

Then the Chaos Squats Plastic Bits Box 2.
This is where spikes, Tyranid bits, and stuff too big for the other box lives.

 Then came the Process of Exclusion.

Right off, we're not going to use
the Space Marines Storm Raven that has been accumulating from low bids on bits on ebay. 
That's about $5-6 there. 

And certainly not the

$6 Imperial Guard Valkyrie.

Patience pays off: remember, you're not going to use that whatever for who knows how long; quiet accumulation can be more rewarding than indulging in the "It's so cool, I want it now!" urge.

Not using the Imperial Tanks and Cities of Death parts. We have plans for those. And the extra Valkyrie Troops Compartment below as well.
Not going to need the Tau bits (including most of a cheap-ass Fire Warrior squad), the Chaos Chariot Gore Beast (ready to join the Bear-Master and Cyboar Cyclor), nor headless Cold Ones. 

Definitely not that Daemon Prince, who looks much more impressive when spread out against the floor like a patient dissected on a table, for planning purposes.
Where there is time yet for a hundred visions and revisions. How modest seem the actual Chaos pieces when compared with Tyranids, Dragons, and other foul beasts. How his legs are thin next to the Hive Tyrant and Zombie Dragon. That Terrorgheist has some very useful bits as well.
Now things get a bit tougher.
Do we want to use the Ork bits? Lots of tubes and spikes. But no, we'll save them for the Secret Land Train Secret Project, along with the Imperial Tanks. 

What a terrible name for a secret project.

Now this is really a tough choice: Dark Eldar and Necrons. So many possibilities. But too many possibilities. Since Hungry Ghosts has a second set of Ewal Dvergar to convert, they will use the Dark Eldar and Necron bits.
Cometh the Undead. Such very nice bits from those Vampire Counts monstrosities. Surprisingly cheap as well. Seems with all these new plastic kits, there's some sort of critter in the middle that possesses all the useful power. That critter might go for $15-25. But the rest? $1-3 for an entire side of ghostly horsemen or creepy skeletal enclosures. A person could build their own Mountains of Madness for not much money.

Also, flowing tides of magicks from Tzeentch Daemons. We'll use some wisps of magic and some new style skeletal cavalry bits. Them Hexwraiths are covered in ghostly flames.

If only for the sake of what few sanity points I still possess, by fiat none of the used bits will be used here. Not even the baggie with the skeletal horse parts.

Or the Assorted Space Marines Parts and the Whole WFB Critter Bodies and Scenery bits. No one needs a Gnoblar leg right now.

I said I was not going to look at the metal bits because that would take forever...
And it did.
It really did. They are so very nice.

But the Battlefleet Gothic parts, Nurgle Drone Riders, Big Plastic Guns, and Skeletal Horsemen will be included in the potential permutation pool of parts.
With the infernal sun rising, our evil little Skagerrak Skallen Fangsters are personalized.

 Those reddish-brown spots are, as Rorschach would say, human bean juice. 

 Sometimes, when handling small parts, there's no such thing as "cut away from yourself". As when dealing with the little arrow bits cut off of a Tzeentch Icon and attached to the face of our Chaos Squat on the left. And sometimes, the finger bleeds fast. Faster than the smelly liquid wound sealer can dry.

But Hungry Ghosts is very efficient. Here are the bits left over after everything was done. Mostly Space Marines, and they deserved it.

Now You Will Know Fear, O Emperor's lapdogs: We have the strength of technology and body to fire a Bolter with one hand!!!


  1. For Malal's sake ! Patience DOES pay off! You have some bloody conversion/modelling/kitbashing/whatever toime ahead !
    I have to say the Demon pirnce parts with tyrannids and dark eldars bits made me salivate like a slaaneshi whore in front of a moustached eldar.


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