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Friday, December 30, 2011

Space Dwarfs Beyond the Galactic Fringes: Fantastic Miniatures Squat Infantry

Part 3 of our tour through the Fantastic Miniatures Squats designed by Beardmaster Bob Olley. This time it's multi-part Infantry Troopers. These stout warriors are a bit of a mix of the Citadel Squats designed by the Perry Brothers and those by Bob Olley. Again we have the Warhammer 40K Infantry Troops Troika of Helmet-Hat-Bare Head, but the heads are swappable, as are the arms and guns.

The lack of weapon options is a stark contrast with the bounty of bits that would be offered with the Olley's Armies Scrunts ranges of Space Dwarfs. But since Hungry Ghosts feels the need to use every Space Dwarf and every bit at some point in time, it's a bit of a relief. On the other hand, Hungry Ghosts disdains tiny little pistols, so when these guys officially make it into the Legios Moriad XIV Expeditionary Force, they're going to need new guns.

Our first assembled Squat is Trooper Karl Marx, who has already been warped a bit with a Skaven Standard Bearer's Arm. The balding head reminded me of Squat Guild Master 1, so it got put on the Trench Coat Body.

View from the rear.

Left Side

Right Side

Chaos-upped with a Defiler Head!

A good capitalist, as all Dwarfs are, he had to cover his commie-looking head.

Next up Trooper Fidel Castro. At least his pistol is big and there's a skull on his cap. Will definitely need some mutating though.

Rear view, showing the large shoulder/back armor common to many of Bob Olley's Squats for GW.

Right side for details of Big Pistol.

Infantry Trooper 3 with Helmet Head. This Squat also features body armor similar to the Squat Warriors that first appeared in White Dwarf 108. Also a little bit of Baron Harkonnen in his pudgy styling.

Not that Baron Harkonnen.

This Baron Harkonnen.

Rear view, lots of space for spikes, maybe a tail or an extra arm, maybe both. But not for a neck. No need for one of those.

Showing off his complicated rifle, the envy of his pistol-packing peers.

All Together Now

That's about all the fun we're going to get from these guys until they take a bath in the bits boxes, so off they go.

BH again! He looks almost harmless here. Except for the Twihard nails.

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