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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dark Hammers Hardened Veterans Chaos Squats Preview

Dark Hammers Hardened Veterans Work In Progress

Pirate Vox Operator and Mutated Pirate Trooper

 Banner Bearer Chaos Squat with Tentacles, with Extra Tentacles

 Dark Hammers Commander Gygax and Flamer Trooper Adventurer 2

 Dark Hammers Commander is the Maxxev Space Dwarf with Added Bits

Melta Gunner Kyuss, Pirate Bismarck Devotee and Over-Accessorizer

 Adventurer 3 and Plasma Gunner with Horns and Spikes

Pirate with Hook-Arm and Slicey Additions

 Last Hammer, another Squat Pirate

This Hungry Ghosts post brought to you by American Pickers


  1. These are looking pleasingly anti-salubrious to me. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the painting on these chaps. Pirate with hook arm looks pretty damn pirate space-dog!

  2. You have some pretty messed up Chaos Squats but nonetheless amazing :) Just starting my own Chaos Squat Warband and these gives many an idea