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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Legios Moriad Regiment XIV General Stalkarlik

This is my Headquarters squad for the Hungry Ghosts army, a mix of different types of Squats, but all models with enough metal on them to justify the Carapace Armor add-on. In addition to my General in the Exo-Armor, there is Hungry Ghosts Regimental Standard Bearer, their Vox Trooper, and two Troopers with special weapons.

Since all Chaos Squats are ever-hungry for new weaponry and technologies, I usually take about as many special weapons troopers as a squad will allow. It also helps with the variety of weaponry that the Squat models wield. The miniatures of the Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader days - especially while Citadel employed the Most Great and Powerful Beardmaster Bob Olley - featured a bewildering variety of weaponry, far more than the amount that made it into the RT Rulebook. I take a look at the weirdo gun and decide what it maybe most resembles, and then paint whatever it is on the base to avoid confusion.

Here is the fearsome General Jengiz Stalkarlik, Commander-in-Arms of the Expeditionary Regiment XIV of the Great League of Moriad, and Champion of the Blood God Khorne. He has been named after two great warlords from the vast steppe-lands of Eurasia, Jengiz Khan and Josef Stalin (Stalin's last name was self-bestowed, and means Man of Steel in Russian. Gen. Stalkarlik is the Dwarf of Steel.)

Coincidentally, the Easter Eggs that have inspired his Exo-Armor's shape also come from the steppes of Eurasia. Snicker not, beardless fools: The Egg is both an efficient and resilient shape.

While Gen. Stalkarlik uses Chaos Squat Exo-Armor Body 2, his arms are from assorted 1990s plastic sprues. He is armed with a Bolter from the 40K 2nd Edition plastic World Eaters, with the addition of one of the little dragon heads from the 3rd Ed Chaos Vehicle Accessory sprue.

I've added an XIV symbol to the shoulder pad with green stuff. The choice of the Roman numeral for 14 was selected so that I could use a stylized form of it to suggest the appearance of the red eye of Chaos with a glowing metal slit for an iris.

The General's left arm is a combination of the Dark Eldar Power Claw arm and a Chaos Space Marine shoulder pad.

Stalkarlik stands on what is left of a Tau Fire Warrior and his broken bonding blade, though the hand is from a WFB Zombie cut down to have the Tau number of fingers. The skull of a long dead Ork rests on the front side of his base.

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