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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blood Fists Veterans Squadron 2: Lasgun Troopers & Transport

The first of 4 Blood Fists Veteran Lasgunners is Trooper Maxim Bang. Tpr Bang and the other 3 Lasgunners in the Blood Fists squad are all from the RT03 Space Dwarfs series. All 4 are also minis that were not included in the 1991 Blue Catalog.

Trooper Bang is in a fine shooting position, wearing the typical red and blue favored by the Hungry Ghosts. I added a bit of terrain to fill more of the base, and to give something to look at other than the trooper It is made from a couple of plastic bits from the various Imperial building sprues. I tried to make look like it was constructed from several different kinds of stones. I wanted the triangular top to look like a very glossy blue stone, so I made the highlights fairly dynamic. In a pleasant coincidence, in the picture above, the highlight streaks on the stone point to the right to shooty end of Bang's lasgun barrel.

Rear view of Trooper Bang. Belt pouches, leg pouches, so many pouches that he is suspected of being part Kender. But that's only true in the "you are what you eat" sense.

Next is Veteran Trooper Luger Gerlich. Somehow, he has obtained a 40,000 year old AK-47. Perhaps it was his anachronistic weaponry that got him dropped from production before the 1991 Blue Citadel Catalog was released. A Cadian helmet lays rusting by his feet.

Or perhaps it was the severe backward tilt that got him dropped. His backpack is so small as to drive the other Ghosts to mockery. That and the puffy red sleeved shirt he got while vacationing in Talabheim.

Here is Veteran Trooper Smoothbore Sten. His gun appears to be somewhere between an AK-47 and a Bolter. Whatever it once was, now it counts as a lasgun. Smooth is another of the Squats that have been in my collection since the 1980s.

Smooth has one of the biggest backpacks in all Squatdom. The round canister and tubing sends the beer directly into his stomach for faster drunkery.

The last Blood Fists Lasgun Trooper is Gatt Gunslinger. He is one of several RT03 Space Dwarfs who is armed with a weapon that looks like a Lasgun. This mini, however, is the version of Gunslinger who uses the early Space Dwarf Jump Pack, which was included as a separate metal bit. The two-piece Gatt was replaced by a version with a cloth backpack after the Squats lost Jump Packs from their army lists. The picture below shows the Squat Jump Pack on his back.

The Blood Fists Veterans will soon be the Hungry Ghost's first mechanized infantry unit. Below is their version of the Chimera transport. It is still a work-in-progress, as is the mini of the ejected Driver, Trooper Gweilo Hellfisch.

This "Chimera" is a resin Termite made by Armorcast in the mid-1990s, a 40K scale version of the Epic tunneling transport. I've added various plastic Chaos and Dwarf symbols to add detail and built a weapon on each side from with bits from the Imperial Cities, Chaos, and Dark Elf sprues. The Chaos Eye symbols are meant to represent the Searchlight, Dwarf Face symbols represent the Smoke Launcher, and the boring tip counts as a Dozer accessory. I also added assorted bits to the rubble pile, with some more Space Rats scurrying about.

Driver Hellfisch has Squat Biker 2 as his body. I've added to him the Medic arms from the recent Catachan command sprue, with a shovel replacing the syringe tip. To make it look like he is well integrated with his Termite when driving, I attached a thick prehensile cable to his back. (Edit Out: "It is from one of the Inquisitor scale models." This is incorrect & I finally figured out it is the Great Unclean One Head 2 Tongue from the late 1990s GUO). The pack-robot on his base is a Mouser from the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, carrying some recent WFB plastic Dwarf accessories on his back and sides.

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