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Friday, March 19, 2010

Black Frost Storm Troopers: First Squat, First Post

The first squad from my Chaos Squats army to appear are the Black Frost Storm Troopers. The Legios Moriad XIV aka The Hungry Ghosts are designed to be a renegade army using the current Imperial Guard codex for Warhammer 40,000. I'm starting with these Storm Troopers rather than the Army Command because this squad contains Irn Bonce, the first Space Dwarf released by Citadel Miniatures.

I miss the old proper names given to 40K minis in the early Rogue Trader days, so each of my troopers has their own name painted on the base. Sometimes the names make sense, sometimes not. I also include troop type and special weapons on the bases to avoid any shenanigans with not being entirely wysiwig. Lots of strange weapons on the old Squats and I would rather preserve their variety rather than chopping them off for repetitive boring lasguns with aquilas scraped off.

My original Irn Bonce on ancient hexbase is joined by his evil twin Nri Ecnob (just kidding, both are evil), Sergeant Porkulus, Corporal Spyham, and Trooper Conkhord.

Here is Storm Troopers Grenadier Irn Bonce. This well-armored fellow was the first Space Dwarf released by Citadel for Warhammer 40K, back in 1987. Originally called just Space Dwarf, he received the name Irn Bonce the Squat when incorporated into the RT7 Mercenaries series released in White Dwarf 95.
He was also the the first Space Dwarf I bought, before 40K settled on round bases instead of hexbases. His rather primitive paint job reflects his age, but he has served me well these past 23 years.

The M on his head, whatever it was meant to signify originally, influenced the choice of the name Moriad. That, and a certain place in some misty mountains. The end of the name was also picked to suggest the word myriad, alluding to the great size and power of the warforce.
This one is Storm Troopers Grenadier Nri Ecnob. Just Irn Bonce backwards, with a different color scheme. The Hungry Ghosts army will eventually include one of each Citadel Squat (and a few converted WFB Dwarfs), and usually only one. But there are a limited number of Squats who look like they are using the Carapace Armor of the Storm Troopers, so the Bonces are doubled up. He is one of my favorite Squats anyway, I like his bulky armor and oversized gun, and the way his tubing makes him still look like he has a beard.

View of both Bonces showing their M-for-Moriad backpacks. I like their little antenna nubs on their heads too much to convert them into Chaos horns.

Here we have Storm Trooper Sergeant Romney Porkulus. He is number 1 from the Iron Claw Squats series released in White Dwarf 100, from March 1988. He is one of the more common Iron Claw Squats out there, with a wider release in a blister pack of Squat Assault Troopers along with Squat 5 from the IC501 series.

Sgt Porkulus appears in the more typical color scheme I am using for the army-- red, a brassy or gold metallic, and a dark blue, green, or black for contrast. The Hungry Ghosts are space zombies, so they appear in many repulsive skin tones, and have a strong preference for the orange hair of the Dwarf Slayer caste. Those are some Termagant Spikes sticking out of the base.
Sgt Porkulus from the back, snug in his Carapace Armor.

Now comes Corporal Otter Spyham, more machine than meat. Because he is actually not a Squat at all, but is the Squat Tinboy from the Ork Inventions series. Notice how the Squat Tinboy is a more respectful design than the Eldar or Space Marine Tinboy. The Orks clearly fear their most ancient enemy more than the pointy ears or the beardless clone boys.

He glows from within with the red rage of Khorne. That and the fact that he is larger than the other troopers got him a promotion to corporal. Rear view below.Don't Pull That Lever.

The last member of the Black Frost squad is Trooper Rento Conkhord. He is also not officially a Squat, but is a converted Chaos Dwarf Crossbow trooper 1, from the late 1980s. His hands have been chopped off, and his arms have been lengthened and merged with a Termagant Fleshborer to use as a Hot-Shot Lasgun with the help of some greenstuff.

I also did not want him to look too fantasy battle from the backside, so I scraped out the wood-handled axe and quiver that were strapped to his back and replaced them with a shovel from one of the IG plastic Cadian sprues and some impressively sized ammunition taken from the Kroot.

He also has some Imperial ruins on his base, the first of many bases with various bits strewn about the black and rocky battlefield. I've included bits from every army as wreckage on my bases, to give the feel of an eternal battlefield. And to show the Dominance of the Armies of Khorne against all enemies, and all friends.

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