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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Master of Ordnance, Regimental Advisor Concerning Craters

Since the Hungry Ghosts are devoted to the Skull Throne and general destruction, the first Regimental Advisor added to the army was the Master of Ordnance, Sir Boaz Avenu, shown with Chaos Beastling assistant. For this regimental advisor, I needed a mini that looked to be wearing Carapace armor like the others in the Regimental Command. Hearth Guard 4, with his shiny breastplate and impressive helm, worked well. I also chose him because the impressive helm is shaped like the tip of the missiles he calls down in his barrages.

As with the other Hearth Guard, I avoided the regular Squats arms for arms that were more armored in appearance. Master Avenu's bionic left arm provides a Chainsword for his Close Combat Weapon, and the rounded shape of the shoulder pad goes well with the curved design of his helmet and breastplate. It comes from the same plastic Epic Knight Paladin that gave Trooper Megazone his Meltagun arm.

In contrast to the upward drawing of the gaze created by his rising helmet and chainsword arm, the angle of the pistols at his belt draw the eye to a point to between his feet. I put one of the resin basing bits from the Warhammer 40K Basing Kit there to make sure there was something to look at, a bit that had an unexploded shell painted to match his armor, to re-emphasize his role in bombardment.

I continued the theme of curving lines with his right arm by overlapping a rounded bit of armor from one of the WFB Empire soldier sprues over one of the ridgeless old Space Marine shoulder pads. The forearm is from the Rogue Trader era Eldar Arm sprue, with the wiring and little metal tabs taken off. This left the forearm looking a bit boring, so I added a tiny chainsword from an Epic scale Khorne Berzerker to provide some detail, echoing the Chainsword in his left arm. I positioned both arms so that the Chainsword was vertically straight like his body, with the angle of his right forearm matching that of the left upper arm. Overall, I tried to make him look as though he was in the act of calling down an ordnance barrage and viewing the results.

The MOO from the back, displaying his fancy cape and battle medals. Someone ate the Space Rat's tail. Beastling is chief suspect, but The Hungry Ghosts are devoted to improper dietary decisions, so it could be any of them.

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