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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Khorne Champions Surprise!

I have fallen a little behind on taking pictures of the Chaos Squats, so here are pictures of two of my old Chaos Champions from the Realm of Chaos days.

This Champion started out as Daemon 8 from the C18 Night Horrors series released in 1987 or so. Old enough that I can't remember what I named him. He had an awkward positioning with his arms raised and clasped behind his head. So I chopped them off. I replaced them with 2 plastic Space Marines arms firing 2 of the RTB01 Bolt Pistols, and tried to position them so he looked like he was in a kind of Wild West Gun-Slinger pose. The idea of a pistol-packing Daemon of Khorne blasting through the doors of Space Saloon amuses me greatly.

Here is the leader of the Orky contingent from my old Khorne army, the Ork Champion of Chaos from the Freebooters series. In contrast to the chopping off of the arms that many of my miniatures have suffered, this Ork was given a bonus third arm. They are the plastic Ork arms from the Rogue Trader sprues, the Bolter and Bolt Pistol are also from the Rogue Trader sprues. The thought of a three-armed Ork Champion throwing over the poker table and opening firing back at the pistol-packing Daemon also amuses me greatly.

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