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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thunder Chiefs Rough Rider Trollo and Other Distractions

The last Thunder Chief is finally done...who we first met back in June 2010...but it's late now and so it's bait-n-switch time for a look at some of the endless little project that derail the Hungry Ghosts Supply Train.

A bit more progress on Storm Trooper Lammoth, who we've seen before, though not with Dark Eldar Talos scraps scattered about.

The Draconian, Space Marine from Chapter Krynn. That Dragon-horn head just kept looking at me from the bitz bins, can't remember where it came from...High Elves? Bretonnia? Swirly pattern makes me think Dwarfs, but it's just time to accept that there are now more plastic bits of Warhammer minis than my brain can contain. That said, though, he's got a Lizardman Saurus Arm with a Rogue Trader Eldar Meltagun lengthened with part of an Epic plastic Imperial Paladin Knight Titan cannon arm, Paladin also provided the Right Leg, Tomb Kings Chariot Crew Tabard, Blood Angels for the rest of the lower torso, Adeptus Mechanicus Chest bits, Dark Eldar Scourge Wings, Necromunda Pit Slaves Shears, metal Chaos Marines Shoulder Pads, and a hidden Tzeentch Horrors Tail 4.

Plus scenic diorama of the Warhammer food-chain: Ogre absent-mindedly (is that redundant?) drops a slab of ribs, ribs attract baby Steed of Slaanesh, Snotling thinks it's smart enough to net it, unaware that Draconian is going to snip its head off and flash fry the lot of them as soon as he turns around.

Scout tank, mostly from the big jug of not-Citadel bits I bought, Warzone Cybertronic Light Recon Vehicle with some anti-grav looking bits and Empire Steam Tank Engine for a turret.

Chaos Motorcycle- Warzone Imperial Hedgehog Necromower parts with (I think) some of the 2nd version of the Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid.

Chaos Cycle Rider in Squished-Bug Position - GW AD&D Rust Monster body hiding under Genestealer Patriarch Back, various 90s Chaos Spawn Limbs, Chapterhouse Alien Tentacle Head, Legs of a Heresy Leaping & Creeping Critter that I think is out of production.

Space Dwarf Experimental Aircraft- GorkaMorka Death Kopta parts, Scrunt Pilot, Tyranid Trygon/Mawloc bits.

Hungry Ghosts version of Nork Deddog, made from little Dark Horse Miniatures Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Terror Bears with a Cities of Death Lamp-Pole to give them the Ogryn-height. Feasting upon a Space Marine Casualty and a Squat Head. So cute when they have brains on their fuzzy widdle paws and mouwfs.

Chaos Squats Conversion Beamer Heavy Weapons Team, The Elephant and The Porcupine.

The Elephant, plastic Squat body enhanced with Chaos Terminator head (just in case anyone needed any more proof that their heads are too small), some plastic Dwarfs, Empire, Dark Elf, Tau, Space Marines, CSMs, and Dark Eldar bits (see if you can find them all).

The Porcupine. If anyone offers you some shiny new Necrons, Dark Eldar, and Tyranid bits, say Noooooooo!

Nothing says Conversion Beamer like Necron bits.

I forgot that The Elephant also had a bit of the old Wood Elf in him.

Oh, it is late and I am as low on the sanity points as when GW gave the green light to add the Jokaero to the Grey Knights army list. Hurrah for sense of humor! WTF? for inappropriate place.

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