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Monday, January 30, 2012

Thunder Chiefs Rough Rider Bikers on Parade

Now that all of the Hungry Ghosts Rough Riders are finally revving up their bikes and readying their explosive-tipped hammers, we will have a retrospective meditation on the Thunder Chiefs

Thunder Chiefs Captain D.R.T. "Dirty D" Zobdafi

Captain Dirty D rides a converted Exo-Armor Trike

The Captain himself is the Squats Warlord Biker with the Necromunda Pit Slave Buzz Saw Arm
(counts as Power Weapon)

Next is Melta-Gun Specialist Darrin "Flombo" Flomberg riding the Squats Motor-Bike Mk2, accompanied by giant rat

The Squats Mark 2 cycle appeared only in White Dwarf 149

Spc Flambo is the Squat Hearth Guard Biker with Ork Bionik Shoota Left Arm and half an Epic Ork Battle Wagon Turret on the right

Now Flamer Specialist Greebo "Longhorn" Hijar, riding a lightly converted Squats Motor-Bike, 3-wheel variant

Longhorn's Flamer is the Imperial Guard Catachan version, with Cadian Fuel Pack for extended firepower

Longhorn is the Squat Guild Master Biker with Gor Beastmen Horns

Dane "Klawful" Kakkerlakker follow on the 2-wheel version of the Squats Motor-Bike

Klawful is Squat Biker 4 with Las Pistol embiggened by a 'donation' from Chaos Cultist Demogogue 1. No points for spotting the Genestealer contribution to the Hungry Ghosts Fund. Like Longhorn, Klawful avoids use of the standard Headlights options

Klawful is accompanied by a Giant Rat who shares his taste for pointy appendages and wings

Juan "Blanco" Raja-Pala has received the least converting of the Thunder Chiefs. As hinted by the name, this Squat Biker was modeled after Games Workshop Master of Miniatures John Blanche

Blanco (Squat Biker 3) also uses the standard Squat Bike in 3-wheel mode

Raising the front wheel and adding a Giant Metal Skull is a simple but effective way to make the bike look different from the others

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