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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thunder Chiefs Rough Riders Number 8: Ken Haringsbeens

Thunder Chief Kenneth "Ken" Haringsbeens is finally finished, after languishing in partly painted form for a year. As we can see, Ken brings no surprises in painting scheme, using the typical Hungry Ghosts red-black-brass-blue quadrinium. But Ken's half-track motorbike was created with a paella of bits from all regions of the Warhammer universe.

We started with a pile of parts from the various Rogue Trader era Ork Bikes for the basic shape- the back section is built with a pair of Tracks from the Scorcher/Wartrak stuck together with 2 of the Wartrak Gunner's Platform bits. The platforms were lower than the top edge of the tracks, so the small piece of the Imperial Guard Hellhound Turret Plate was added on top of the platforms, which was made to look more like there was an engine somewhere in the bike by adding on top of the turret plate the Fuel Hose from the Hellhound. And for extra sophistication, a little Griffon with Warhammer was attached to the Fuel Hose (from the WFB Empire Organ Gun).

From the rear view we get a better view of the engine-o-bits. And the large amount of gear Ken is carrying on his bike. Using the Banner Poles bit from the Juggernaut of Khorne for support, Ken has a Cadian Las-Gun with the stock chopped off, a few different kinds of grenades, a bedroll, a shovel, and rope (which are mostly obscured from this angle). Where needed, green stuff was used to make straps to keep the gear attached to the poles.

From the left side, we can see that Ken is made of assorted bits just as his cycle is. He started life as Squat Biker 5, one of the Squats with no arms. So Ken's left arm, steering the bike, is made from a cluster of wires cut from the Left Arm of the Inquisitor game character Damien 1427, with a shoulder pad from the Marauders of Chaos sprue. The wires did not quite reach the handlebar, nor did the shoulder pad reach Ken's neck, so they were extended using more green stuff.

Echoing the pattern and color of Ken's arm and the exhaust pipes, Power Tubes were added to both sides of the bike, from Magus Delphan Gruss from the Inquisitor game. These tubes helped remedy the fact that the front and back sections of the half-track were not actually connected to each other. Ken's wire arm also helps keep the bike together, but further strength was provided by slipping some spears under the handlebars that were glued to the front wheel section and the tracks.

Close up we can see Ken's shame: our Chaos Squat was cursed with crippled, ugly little legs (from a Dark Eldar Warp Beast). Despite his attempts to use much armor (from Ork Boys and Chaos Marines sprues) to hide them, his legs splay outward, their horrid pallor exposed to all the world; and providing extra strength to the power tubing holding the bike together.

The other secret is mine, and more difficult to see- Ken is not actually sitting on anything. His back is glued to his seat back nestled between the Juggernaut poles, with a tentacle added for more glue-able surface area, and the armor plating hides the gap below Ken's rear end. Ken's Saurus Warrior Spike Arm prevents anyone from looking too closely.

Finally, the front section of the half-track. The wheel section comes from the old Ork Warbikes as well, but the boring handlebars were cast off along with Ken's boring legs, and replaced with the front section of a Warmaster Undead Bone Thrower. All nice brass and skull and sharp horns, pleasing to Khorne. Khorne was further pleased by the addition of a row of spikes jutting out further than the tire, from the Epic Ork Tanks set.

What became of the rest of that Bone Thrower? Its boney frame became the seat-back that Ken is attached to. From the front, we can also see that Ken's beard was made more majestic with the hair from a plastic Beastman head.

Ken is rolling into battle over the battered corpse of Necromunda Pit Slave 3. Those Pit Slaves make great corpses. We'll see Pit Slaves 1 and 2 soon.

Ken running with the Flesh Hounds

Flesh Hounds take the lead.

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