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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fixing a Hole in the Hungry Ghosts Squadrons

Part 1 of the new Hungry Ghosts painting campaign is to fill in the gaps in the existing squads to give them all the bonus mascots, banner-bearers, corpses, and tombstones.

Legios Moriad XIV Command Squad

The Hungry Ghosts Command Squad was already largely complete, but had no official corpse. This was fixed by adding the Vaporized Troubleshooter miniature from the Paranoia range.

The Vaporized Troobleshooter is a small miniature, so it was given some additional bulk by gluing it first to a GorkaMorka base, and gluing that GorkaMorka base to a WFB small square base. This gave some space to add detail to the pile of rubble. The computer and lasgun muzzle were already part of the mini, so more dead trooper was added in the form of the pelvis and partial legs of one of the Skeletons from the Skeleton Horde set.

On the right side, we can see the boot and strap molded to the mini. Another slice of bloody leg was added under the computer, and assorted metallic bits were mixed in with the usual black gravel added to the base.

Iron Claws Special Weapons

Another small couple of jobs for the Iron Claws Special Weapons Squad from the Rotted Hearth Infantry Platoon. As with the Black Stars Special Weapons Squad, the Iron Claws were joined by one of the Necromunda Giant Mutant Rats. This rat was painted with an orange-brown pelt to blend with the bright colors used for the Iron Claws troopers.

The Iron Claws also needed a Tombstone. Theirs was made more battered and blasted than most, evidence of the combat that resulted in the many dead Space Marines bits on the Squats' bases (which count as the Corpse for the Iron Claws.

The Underdeepers Banner-Bearer

The Underdeepers Infantry Squad from the Rotted Hearth Platoon was also already mostly complete, but had no Banner-Bearer. This was fixed by providing a Dark Eldar Raider banner bit to Trooper Eeg Niner, The banner was painted in a typical scheme for the Hungry Ghosts of red and Beaten Copper, bearing the Legios Moriad regimental number XIV.

The banner was made pleasing to the Skull God with the addition of a Skaven Stormvermin Skull standard top.

From the back, we can see that the banner has been planted in the base of Eeg Niner rather than directly attached to him. Didn't feel like breaking out the green stuff.

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