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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Space Dwarfs beyond the Galactic Fringes: Enigma Minis Power Armor Dwarfs

Not content with imitating GW's motorcycle gang themed Squats, Enigma Minis also aspired to produce some Space Dwarfs in bulky power armor...called Marines. I guess the lawyers got them before they "discovered" Imperial Army Space Dwarfs with lasers.

Here we see what I think is one of each miniature from the Enigma Marines series, 1 Lord, 2 Heros, 1 regular Marine, and 3 with special weapons. Below is a comparison with our friendly neighborhood Standard Squat Servitor.

Bigger and chunkier, and not incredibly well cast or varied in design, but still better than those Bikers. Something about those little wings on the helmets and their round little bellies makes me think of Space Ducks. What follows is a brief review of the individual troopers.

This is the regular Space Dwarf Marine. As the picture shows, the SD Marine comes armed with a power axe that is supposed to be stuck into the hole in his left hand. A honking huge axe as big as the marine, artfully jutting out perpendicularly from the plane of the marine's body. The Inquisition records imply that very same strain of the stupid-pox that inspired these axes also afflicted Jes Goodwin the week he designed the Phoenix Lord Fuegan.

Note the machine pistol and prominent shoulder pads. Not even trying. Here he is from the back.

Next, one of the Heros. I'm not sure if they were given names by Enigma; we'll call him Mr Boom because he has a grenade in his left hand.

Mr Boom kind of has the pose of a bank robber who is threatening to blow himself up and take you all with him if the police don't let him out. Has the smell of one too, very strange.

Here he is from behind, in his "don't make me shoot my way out of here" pose, with an assist from the Armorcast tech wall segment's door.

The second Marine Hero, we'll call him Mr Itsallyourfault. His left arm is a separate piece, and that head's going to be a tight fit in his helmet.

Mr Itsallyourfault from behind, not sure how he gets the tangled ball of yarn look to his hair, but several Skaven have expressed their admiration.

Now comes the Marine Lord, we'll call him General Zod. He is going to shoot his way out of here regardless of what you do.

Zod's gun has more bullets than the rest of the dwarfs, so he gets to wear the magic cape.

Like the Marine Trooper, General Zod also came with a Power Axe of Perfect Perpendicularity, one far more elaborate and huge. It's broken because it is poorly designed and cast. Why so big? What inadequacy are they compensating for? Did they really find it in a Bloodthirster's garbage heap?

Enigma's special weapon marines, all the same pose, just different weapons. The round metal bases shown in the picture are the bases these minis originally came with, giving the appearance of the slotta-base while defeating the cost savings.

Comparison of what I think is the Meltagun Trooper with the S3 unit. The weapons are separate pieces that stick onto small spikes in the trooper's hands, the reverse of what was done with the axes.

Here are the special weapons bits all together. The top gun is a Plasma Gun and the bottom is a Grenade Launcher. They are strangely shaped and not very pretty to look at, nor is the casting of this trooper's legs.

That's about it for my collection of Enigma Space Dwarfs. There is also a vehicle called a Quad Bike that comes with a driver that I don't have. There are also 5 hero types called Heavy Dwarfs that have specific names of Scottish style.

In penitence for these short comings in my space dwarfs collection, here are some Paranoia Doc-Bots fixing up some injured Squats, while our Standard Squat Servitor lends some assistance.

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