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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hungry Ghosts of Tomorrow Today!

So here we are at the end of July, and I have reached the point in my army painting that was scheduled for the end of June. Which is to have the assembly and base coat of paint on everything left for a 1500 point army.

Huzzah. Somewhere in the distance, a Bloodletter claps his bloody hands with bitter mirth, splattering droplets across his brass bowl of Khorne's Blood-Crunchios and the Daemon-Table it lay upon.

So here is a quick look at the rest of the models that will finish off the 1500 points Hungry Ghosts, 3 Rough Riders and 3 Tanks.

Here's Ken from the Thunder Chiefs Rough Riders squadron. Despite all the mutations, Ken was missing something interestingness, which was solved by adding a Necromunda Pit Slave 3 from the bits box. Now the upward angle and his pickaxe remind me of the mountain dwelling ancestors of the Squats, and the crushing of his enemies pleases Khorne.

Since Ken got a Pit Slave, Trollo got a Pit Slave (no. 2). His barechest, topknot, and giant pistol enhance the Mad Max appearance of this conversion, and adds a sense of movement to Trollo's Shotgun Arm. Robo-gun Arm versus Robo-gun Arm. This motorbike is so long the wheelbase barely fits on the base.

Last for the Thunder Chiefs, Spinne has also captured a Pit Slave (no. 1). This is another conversion that turned out to barely fit on the base, but that issue fits with the rough terrain specialty aspect of the unit.

This is the "Chimera" transport for the Blood Fists Veterans squad, an old Epicast Termite from the 1990s, with some more contemporary Chaos bits glued on. The bits in the rubble base are of all ages, since the burrowing Termite would stir up the remnants of many battles past. The Termite is named the Land Shark for its fin-like silhouette and the general silliness of the term. Your Chaos Scribe is also from Long Island, an island shaped like a fish. A converted Biker Squat named Gweilo Hellfisch will serve as ejected driver, with his robot companion.

Next is our Hell Hound, constructed from a Chimera kit with the Hell Hound parts added from a variety of places, but mostly the Imperial Cities building bits. The Hell Hound driver is one of the old plastic Blood Bowl Dwarfs, name of Staang Leadingham. To continue the tank-naming theme, the Hell Hound it is bright red and named the Fire Shark.

For this tank, I wanted extra armor without using normal armor-type pieces. I also had a lot of nice Chaos arms that are too big for Squats that I wanted to use. So I decided to cram the arms and various other Chaos bits into the holes in the Chimera armor, to create a kind of living-daemon armor instead. A few heads were added as well, to make it as though there are multiple daemon spirits operating different elements of the tank.

Our Leman Russ is last, and is the Lava Shark. For this tank, I wanted a kind of symmetry with the Hellhound, so that its body is dark blue where the Hellhound body is bright red, and the LR's daemon-armor is bright red while the Hellhound is protected by daemons in blue. I also wanted to give the pair of tanks a Tomax & Xamot feeling with the red/blue/metal Cobra color scheme.

I almost ran out of Chaos Spawn tentacles and heads making this tank.

The driver, Frith-Ra Jackson, is a one of the 1990s WFB Dwarf Crossbow troopers smoking a pipe and wearing a pouffy hat (no. 1). And the Leman Russ cannon bits have been replaced by the barrel of the current Dwarf Flame Cannon.

Our bonus picture for today is a trio of Bob Olley Scrunt Tank Drivers fused with some all terrain movement bits, perhaps to become a second squad of Rough Riders.

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