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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chaos Squats 40K Special Character Chikibi Chhattisgarh, Hungry Ghosts Gunnery Sergeant

It has been a small amount of time since we last saw a completed Hungry Ghosts Trooper. Well, small if one uses the Entish Calendar. But here we have Gunnery Sergeant Chikibi "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" Chhattisgarh. He is our equivalent of Imperial Guard Gunnery Sergeant "Stonetooth" Harker.

Chikibi is quite the monster, a Papa Smurf - Genestealer Hybrid; a Papa Smurf - Genestealer Hybrid with a Heavy Bolter and a bunch of grenades.

 This is what he once was. 
 More than a bit like this fellow.

So Chikibi is mainly formed from Squat Adventurer 5 supplemented with a pair of Rogue Trader Tyranid Genestealer Arms. Both are the double-arm type, with the skull-cracker claws for the top arm and the shooty humanoid arms below. He has been given a traditional greasy zombie skin tone and red eyes to emphasize that, yes, he does want your brains.

While on the topic of wanting brains, Hungry Ghosts would like to direct your attention to a recent archaeological find of several 4000 year old corpses from Seyitömer Höyük in Turkey with remnants of brain tissue present. Apparently, they were victims of an earthquake, which started a fire in the settlement, but buried these villagers in a way so that the heat of the fire could reach them but not the flames. The result was brains boiled in their own juices, with the fatty myelin sheathes of the brain, combined with metals in the soil, creating a decay-resistant gooey gob of brain in each skull. 

Earthquake rubble, fire, skulls, and metal have been staples of the Chaos Dwarf Cookbook for millennia, and now we have the millennia-old brain jerky to prove it works. Your Elf Waybread and maggoty hardtack will last for months, perhaps years, but not this long.
http://tinyurl.com/brainboiled (Article in New Scientist)
http://www.karger.com/Article/Abstract/334353 (Link to full text with pictures)

 If you are a fellow enthusiast of using paint colors that aren't made anymore, Chikibi's zombie skin was made from your standard Blue Grey and Space Wolf Grey, with some generic white. But the key to the unsettling slick tone (which does not photograph well) is the obscure Ash Wastes Grey, from the Epic Battles Paint Set (Horizon Blue works well too). Codex Grey and one of those nasty high-particulate 1990s washes in dark green was used to distinguish the merely dead hand on the base from the zombie flesh of the Chaos Squat.


With the addition of a nice pipe filled with Chaos Tobacco (WFB Dwarf bit), Chikibi is done from the front.

  From the back, we can see that Chikibi proves to be the most well-prepared Squat Adventurer, with his bulging sacks of, well, let's just leave it as "stuff".

Chikibi is also impossible to surprise, as he (literally) has an extra pair of eyes on the back of his head. Yes, Bruce the Bat may not have the greatest set of peepers in the ocular sense, his auditory peeping can detect the slightest hint of future victims. And he has a keen sniffer.

  From the back, we can also see that Chikibi's color pattern has been reversed. In place of the white beard, Chikibi has a black bat hanging down. In place of the black pipe, Chikibi has a white tail curving up (from a Flesh Hound).

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