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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chaos Blister Packs from the Dawn of Warhammer: C35 Chaos Warriors

Today we will take the first brief tour through some blister packs from the early days of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40K from the Realm of Chaos. Weirdness abounds in a time of poor quality control and questionable contents.

 Here we have a blister pack of 4 Chaos Warriors from the RC3201 Series.

 They are solid metal beasts of Chaos. Three are old sculpts, old enough to have integral shields. The upper two are old enough that they first appeared as drawings in the Spring 1985 Citadel Journal.

 Upper right, the "Evil Warrior" and the unnamed fellow in the middle.

Hungry Ghosts also has Corsair, Champion, and High Assassin. Axe Lord is in the mail. Back to the pack.

Back in the early days, not so much thought was given to making sure that only necessary bits were included without any excess. So we can see here that even though three warriors have integral shields and the fourth has a giant axe, there is still a plastic shield sprue hidden under the Chaos Warriors.

More curiously, we have plastic crossbows in there. Why? The Winds of Chaos Blow Strange.

 Here we have Jagglespur, from the C35 series as well, shown in the 3rd Citadel Compendium from 1985.

And Fenris and Harrowhound as well...
... as too many others

Anyway, Jagglespur has some illustrious stylistic inspiration -

 Pallas Athena by Gustav Klimt

 Gustav Klimt Pallas Athena Detail

Back to Jagglespur...

 And Klimt's Judith Holofernes, and several thousand years older, an Assyrian frieze.

So we have some inspiration. But look at how much nasty flash is on this mini. So much for quality control. As well as messy casting being a sure sign of a recast mini.

Back to Judith Holofernes, just because.

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