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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Squats in Citadel Flyers: Historia Squataticus Appendix 2

The Saga of the Squats continues. This volume concerns Squats in Citadel Miniatures Flyers, of which there are not too many, since the Citadel Flyers were published in the mid to late 1980s for the most part, and Squats did not appear until 1987.

If a flyer is not included here, it means that I don't have it, and The Stuff of Legends doesn't have it either. All prices in this posting are in GBP unless otherwise noted.

1980s Flyers

1982-1984 Citadel Flyers – None

Early 1985 Citadel Miniatures Flyer 1 page – None

1985 Goblin Battle Chariots 1985 – None

1985 Machineries of Destruction – No Squats

But it does include the rare and awesome Giant Chaos Battering Ram for 24.50, Mainframe 3.00, Support 3.50 (2 included), Side Plate C, D, and M 60p (included 1 of Plate C and M, and 6 of Plate D), Dragon's Head Ram 2.50, Ram Joist and Beam 60p (1 Joist, 2 Beams), Cyborg Troll (1.25), Troll Wheel 40p (2), Driver 80p, Slave 60p, Wheel 80p (4)

And also includes the rare and awesome Chronicle Chaos Cannon for 9.95, Gun Platform 4.00, Left Side, Right Side 1.50 each, Commander, Loader, and Gunner 60p each (Loader and Gunner same as Petard Mortar), Gun 2.00, Cannon Balls 50p (noted as Unreleased despite the obvious).

And the Mighty Dwarf Steam Cannon

1985 Citadel Flyers May, June, July, August, September, October, November - None

1985 Blood-Bath at Orc's Drift, Lord of the Rings – None

1986 Citadel Flyers New Year, Spring 1, Spring 2, April, May, June, July, August - None

1987 Thank You Mr President – RT03 Space Dwarfs 5 for 2.50

The RT03 Space Dwarfs

1987 Dragons – DS9 Dwarf Dragonslayer for 1.50

Dwarf Treasure Hunter as part of DRAG3 Green Dragon set for 5.95

1987 New Releases, undated light green – None

1987 Summer New Releases – None, but here's some Chaos Dwarf Heavy Weapons Troopers.

1987 Warhammer 40,000 1 pg sheet with US Mail Order Instructions – early ad mentions only RTB01 Marines 30 pack and Space Ork Raiders set of 17 in addition to Rogue Trader Rule Book (14.95 Hard Cover)

1987 Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader Part 1 – RT9 Squat Heavy Weapons, both Gunners, Loaders, and Commanders, with names, shows Heavy Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter v1, Grenade Launcher v1; 2.50 for Gunner, Loader, Commander, and Weapon

RT7 Mercenaries Irn Bonce the Squat, 5 for 2.50 and Iron Claw Squat Hovercar 1.10 (Roborg too)

RT302 Squats Command Group, all 12 with names, probably 3 for 2.50

RT03 Space Dwarves, all 20 with names, 5 for 2.50

Plus the rare Warhammer 40,000 First Releases

1987 Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader Part 2 – 28 of 32 Iron Claw IC501 Space Dwarfs (missing 7, 24, 25, 29, 5 for 2.50). Also Robo-Dog!

Surprise! Dominators! Good luck finding these monstrosities.

1987 Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader Part 3 – RT304 Squat Thudd Gun, 3.50 (Rapier v1 too)

RT601 Adventurers Squat Miner and Engineer, 5 for 2.50

1987 October New Releases – None but Gob-Lobber Cook and Roast available as part of set for 9.99. And Slocombe's Warbots.

1987 Winter New Releases – RT9 Squat Heavy Weapons – Gunner Karl & Keif, Loader Grigg & Powl, Capt. Khyrk and Sgt Bylcow and Heavy Plasma Gun, big Grenade Launcher, and 1st Heavy Bolter, 2.50 for Commander, Loader, Gunner and Weapon, 20p for extra Heavy Weapon.

We already saw these Squats, so here are the legendary Space Slann and Zoats as well.

Did you know that, despite their giant size and heavy weaponry, "Zoats were created as investigators, their main role being to understand and communicate with creatures outside the hive mind, assessing their value. Zoats are capable of assimilating information about languages and psychology with stunning speed, making rapid and accurate leaps in their comprehension of alien creatures. Due to this innate capability of understanding the subtlest nuances of facial and body language, Zoats are remarkably charismatic and enigmatic creatures who are able to convey more meaning in a look or gesture than a native can manage in a sentence"?

Neither did I. Could you read that without laughing? Neither could I. From White Dwarf 145, page 43. These guys. Charismatic. Can communicate with Ents with a gesture or a look.

RT7 Mercenaries including Irn-Bonce the Squat, 2.50 for 5

Iron Claw Squat Hovercar, 1.10, this time with the highly desireable Dwarf Booze Brothers, 2.50

1987 Citadel's Latest Releases – None

1988 March New Releases – None

1988 June New Releases – both Squat Medics, 2.50 for 3; flyer also includes 40K Heavy Weapons for 50p each - Multi-melta, 1st Las-Cannon, Heavy Plasma Gun, big Grenade Launcher, Conversion Beamer, and Heavy Bolter

Iron Claw Miniatures (color 1 page) no Squats, but 13 Gothic Dwarfs (IC101 2.50 for 5)

Introduction to Games Workshop – Unclear date, has copyrights dated 1988, 1989, 1991 but also refers to items as to be released in 1989, and items that were never released, such as a Epic-style WFB system; 24 Color Pages including covers.

Page 7 shows the Space Dwarfs and Devastators box sets, the cover of White Dwarf 111, the Squats blister pack card, and a painted plastic Squat with Heavy Bolter.

Page 19 promises to-be-released Epic Space Marine “Juggernauts and Zeppelins – two huge war machines that dwarf even the mighty Titans. Juggernauts are vast mobile fortresses, bristling with weapons; Zeppelins are great airships that float above the battlefield, dealing death to anything that dares approach them.” Which sounds like Squats Army vehicles.

1990s Flyers/Posters

1997 GorkaMorka – No Squats (2-sided black & white fold-out poster style flyer, there is also a one-page green flyer for US)

1998 Games Workshop Products - No Squats (2-sided black & white large fold-out poster flyer, shows most of existing product line, Sci-Fi one side, Fantasy other side)

1999 Games Workshop Products - No Squats (2-sided color large fold-out poster flyer, shows most of existing product line, Sci-Fi one side, Fantasy other side)

1999 Dark Eldar Arena of Blood – No Squats (1-sided color large fold-out poster and game mat)

2000s Flyers/Posters

2000 Battle for Armageddon – No Squats, but Ghazghkull knows where they are (1-sided color large fold-out poster campaign map)

2001 Inquisitor Release / North and South America Retailers – No Squats (2-sided color large fold-out poster flyer, came with White Dwarf 257)

2003 Eye of Terror - No Squats (1-sided color large fold-out poster flyer.) Black Monoliths on Cadia? Really GW? Hav'st thou no imagination? Hungry Ghosts just watched 2001, 2010, and Starship Troopers again. In the early days, we can forgive your borrowing. But Tyranids just keep looking more and more like a certain Mr. Heinlein's bugs.

2006 Dark Crusade – No Squats (2-sided color large fold-out poster of Special Character Conversions from US Games Workshop stores. Very nice minis.)

2007 Call to Arms Collector Card Program / Dark Angels Codex - No Squats (2-sided color large fold-out poster flyer)

There have also been plenty of Warhammer Fantasy Battle posters and inserts that are unsurprisingly Squats-free.


  1. I spotted a mini or two I own on those old pages! No squats though.

    And I think Zoats have loads of Charisma... and I also knew they were emissaries for the hive mind. I think they can convey a lot with a look... a lot of threat anyway.

  2. anyone else spot the original Abbadon? slightly less scary than his current form, but at least he didnt have a 1/6 chance of hurting himself back then ;)

  3. Just thought I would let you know that Brian over at:


    is selling some chaos dwarfs. Enjoy