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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Iron Claw Squats 40K Special Weapon Squad Part 2

Today we look at two more troopers from the Iron Claws Special Weapons Squadron, Special Trooper Shuv and Trooper Carpað, also known as Iron Claw Squats 7 and 13.

Special Trooper Chorby Shuv is armed with a very large Flamer, and has taken his fashion advice from The Great Pumpkin. On Tpr Shuv's base are the remains of an Imperial Guard Flamer.

From this angle, some minor modifications to Chorby's weaponry are visible - one of the little mysterious circular thingies on the front of the Flamer is a plastic bit from some vehicle. The large forked exhaust pipes are also from some vehicle, but I forget which one.

One more look at Chorby with a pair of Khorne Dogs from the Realm of Chaos era. The Flesh Hounds use Hindquarters 1 and 2, Forequarters 1 and 3, and Heads 3 and 6.

Next, Trooper Charwin Carpað. Though his gun looks like a hair-dryer, we count it as a lasgun. This Hungry Ghost looks like he has been lurking beneath the sea, and his beard is most suspiciously colored. Carpað says it's from eating too many Wood Elves, others say his grand-mama was from Innsmouth.

Tpr Carpað from another angle, showing his potato-masher grenade, and prominent scowl. This is one angry looking Squat. Perhaps it is because he wasn't shown on the Rogue Trader flyer, and had to wait until White Dwarf 100 to debut (along with the other 2 Iron Claw Squats holding grenades, and the Plasma Gunner- 24, 25, and 29).

Charwin from the back, with part of a WFB Chaos Warrior/Marauder Club painted to look like a lighted signal pole.

One more picture of our Iron Claw Squats combating the Eldar menace, joined by some Chaos Orks from the days when Orks were fun. (Ork Freebooter Chaos Champion, Madboyz 5 and 7, Weirdboy 1 and the Snotling Shamen)


  1. You've earned an extra ten points for working in a Cthulhu reference.

  2. I can't add much to what I wrote yesterday. This new style is outstanding, and you seem to be getting detail on the models that really isn't there.

    It would be good to get more of that madness and mixing up back out there. If you haven't seen it yet, Auberon at Digital Waaagh! is feeding some concepts back in with modern rules. I'd also like to see newer things too, in the spirit of the old, and I've got an idea or two lined up. For now, a stop here is a refreshing top-up.

  3. Oh how I miss fun orks. Of all the changes made to the game over the years, it's the Big But Boring Orks that dismays me the most.

  4. Cthulhu reference, surprised it took me so long.

    I hate the new Orks.

    I am planning on converting the Ork Chaos Champion into the Hungry Ghosts version of Colour Sergeant Kell, with my winged Daemon Ambassador from the Abyss, Lord Lucifuge Redfinger von Khorne, playing the role of Lord Castellan Creed.

    I'm also working on a Penal Legion squad including 3 of the old Orks, along with 3 of the ancient Imperium Mercenaries, a damned Ratling, a hideously deformed Eldar, and a Thunderdome Master-Blaster type team of a Necromunda Scally with a Snotling riding on his head.