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Monday, August 16, 2010

Trooper Los Fnnr: The Embiggener

Today we have a Very Special Guest, coming all the way from the spewing plagues and poxes of the disease dimensions, Trooper Los Fnnr.

Tpr Los Fnnr joins the Hungry Ghosts for Warhammer 40K 5th edition. He is a Nurgle Renegade Guardsman, with Cadian Legs (mostly) and Arms, and a Forge Word torso.

He has been given the usual complement of bits, with one leg replaced by the leg of a plastic Imperial Knight Paladin. He retains the normal size of a Guardsman, which is his job. When the Hungry Ghosts were started up, it was the end of the 40K 4th edition era (yes, I am that slow), and swapping Squats for Guards was no problem. With 5th edition came a need to have a replacement to resolve any line of sight issues.

Thus was born the Line of Sight Friendly Neighborhood Nurgle Renegade, drafted for the embiggening of our Squats whenever called to duty. It also gave me a reason to change colors for a while to assorted greens, greys, and yellows. These fellows can talk all night about the finer points of skulls as decorative accents. And killing stuff.

The Forge World torsos are very finely detailed, almost too detailed, as they emphasize the age of the Cadian bits. It is time for a new edition of the standard Guardsman. I can't believe it took me until now to notice the Trooper/True pun.

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